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PAPOULAKOS (1770-1861)

PAPOULAKOS (1770-1861) Translated by Elizabeth Tenny-Babouri INDEX Prologue 1) His name 2) Place of Origin 3) His Transition to a Monastic Life and the Beginning of His Journey 4) The Nature Of His Journey 5) His Preaching 6) His First Grand Entrance to the City of Kalamata 7) The Measures Taken by the Government and the People’s Reaction 8) His Arrest 9) Papoulakos’ Incarceration in the Patras Prison 10) His Imprisonment in Andros and his Sanctified Death 11) Papoulakos’ Honoured Memory in our Time 12) The Christoforos Papoulakos Foundation Epilogue PROLOGUE If someone searches Modern Greek history for a […]

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